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Privacy Policy

Read on for information on the following aspects about our Privacy Policy:

KDK Gowda Matrimony is an advertising platform providing matrimonial alliance. In order to do provide the services, we ask for certain personal information which is displayed on the site.

There are two types of user-submitted information we collect: Public and Private. We define Public information as personal information that may be displayed on the site at the behest of the member, such as gender, age, height, photograph, etc. Private information is defined as any information that allows others to contact a user other than through KDK Gowda Matrimony or allows the collection of information about the user other than what is displayed on the site.

Public: To order to make the services of advertising to the relevant targeted members, we gather personal information, which may or may not include: customer-specified username, gender, age, religion, income range, profession, telephone number, preference/lifestyle information, general geographic location, photograph and horoscope.

Private: This information is gathered from members and guests who apply for the various services our site offers. This information includes, but is not limited to: email address, first name, last name, mailing address, zip code and telephone number.

KDK Gowda Matrimony also allows members to submit public and private information on behalf of others - child/ward, sibling or friend. If such child/ward, sibling or friend does not wish this information to be displayed, she/he has the option to request removal of such information after providing the necessary evidence that the information pertains to her/him.

Additional Features of the Site:

TESTIMONIALS: Satisfied users of KDK Gowda Matrimony have chosen to post testimonials on our web site. Prior permissions will be obtained to post these testimonials.


If you have any questions about the security at our website, please email us.